Our Laser machine at Milestones has a 900mm x 1200mm bed, it also drops 500mm so we can handle a wide range of items. We can Laser on almost any surface including glass, wood, some plastics, stone, granite, and leather

When lasered, glass and Acrylic's appear frosted, much like sand blasting. Wood looks a little like the old poker work that used to be done in the woodwork class in schools for many years. The effect is very pleasing and great detail can be obtained.

On paper and card it will either mark or cut out designs, giving the ability to make personalized cards and invites, again very nice to look at and with great detail.

Choose from our artwork or bring in your own. We just need a good clean, clear image with a high DPI preferably in an Ai, EPS, PDF, or Jpeg file of that special image. These can be Lasered onto most surfaces for that lasting memory or special gift.

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Acrylic Keyrings
Acrylic Trophy
Acrylic Christmas Tree Decoration

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